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Coloring books, cookbooks, and apps – oh, my!

Coloring books, cookbooks, and apps – oh, my! Readers want books – you know, with pages and words and stories and information. But bookstores want books and other things to accompany them. Products that will flush out a brand, not just a single title. Of course, perhaps the most famous is the Harry Potter series, […]

Travel Channel, here I come!

Travel Channel, here I come! I have a confession. I’ve never watched the Travel Channel and never felt particularly compelled to read the Sunday travel section of any newspaper (The New York Times, The Arizona Republic, and the Arizona Daily Star are the papers I’ve been most familiar with) unless it was an article about […]

From My Platform, I Can See…

From My Platform, I Can See… …perhaps over the top of my laptop to the stuff on the desk behind it. That’s not a very tall platform, now is it? In publishing parlance, an author’s platform is who knows them, who follows them, who’s talking about them, and most importantly who is waiting for their […]

Covering the Bases

Covering the Bases A book cover has a daunting job. Done properly, it will: Grab people’s interest Let them know what the book is about AND give them reason to open it up and read a few pages That’s a tall order for a small space – extra small if you’re publishing is limited to […]

Outfitted for marketing

Outfitted for Marketing When one thinks of a costume, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of Halloween and masquerade. However, I know a few very good (non-book) marketers who regularly don specific outfits when they go out and greet the world because it instantly alerts people to who they are and what […]