The first word in social media is SOCIAL

The first word in social media is SOCIAL

Even though I know enough about social media to teach true neophytes the basics of Facebook and Twitter, there’s still waaaaaayyyy more that I don’t know. I feel like a dinosaur compared to those techies who are IN it. I have an Instagram account I barely touch, and I know what Snapchat is, but I don’t have an account. I like the idea of Vine, but finding the perfect six to 10 seconds of video seems daunting. I have a Goodreads account, yet none of my books are listed there (that probably has a lot to do with my general animosity toward its parent company). And I most definitely need to get on the ball with YouTube.

So, you could say I’m a bit behind when it comes to using social media to promote Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World.


Stan does have a Pinterest board, so that’s something. Hey – there’s more stuff there than I remember. (Does Snoopy’s happy dance!)

One thing I plan to do that I’ve yet to see anyone try (which is not to say that someone’s not doing it) is to serialize Stan on YouTube. Get a background image of each city and make videos of me reading from the book in front of each one. I wonder how long it will take to read an entire 450-page book out loud…

I thought about giving Isis her own Twitter handle, but that’s been done before – a LOT – so I’m kind of thinking not so much. But I could offer quips and advice from the myriad secondary and tertiary characters Stan meets on his travels. Now that might be worth the time investment.


The main thing to keep in mind is that the first word in social media is SOCIAL. It’s about creating a tribe and giving them a reason to (a) keep coming back and (b) to share your stuff so that the tribe grows. Manufacturing buzz is a lot harder than it sounds – but one key component is good content delivered on a consistent basis.

Sleep – who needs it?


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