Would you eat a peanut butter, bacon, and banana panini?

Would you eat a peanut butter, bacon, and banana panini?

Oh, sometimes a person can be too clever for her own good. When I heard that November 3rd was National Sandwich Day, I was so excited about creating this writing prompt for the Author Blog Challenge (I am the host). Now, however, that I’ve got to actually answer my own prompt, it doesn’t seem so clever.

Sandwich. Sandwich. Sandwich. What are the ingredients of my book marketing sandwich? I guess the plan would be the bread that holds it all together – because without a plan, you really have more of a book marketing salad than a hearty sandwich you can easily hold in your hands.


As for the gust of my campaign, I think it’s kind of an outlandish grouping of things besides the tried and true. The great news is that a novel about a guy who travels around the world has an unending supply of potential tie-ins, from the backers of the social causes mentioned in the book (e.g., Lost Boys of Sudan, Liter of Light Project, and Art for the Homeless to name just a few) to travel Meetups to online shop owners in all the cities Stan visits. I suppose the unconventional ingredients make it most similar to a peanut butter, bacon and banana panini. You won’t catch me eating it – but somebody must, or they wouldn’t serve it at Parker and Otis.

Condiments might be honey or molasses, to sweeten the deal. That would be the social media, news releases, list building – the traditional stuff that will support and enhance the rest of my less-than-ordinary efforts.

You tell me – would you eat a peanut butter, bacon, and banana panini? Even if it were served by a dog in a chef’s hat and an apron?



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