Here’s the thing…

The teacher teaches what the teacher needs to learn. Isn’t that the old saw? Well, this is the fourth time I’ve hosted the Author Blog Challenge. This year, it’s called the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge. And this is my third post on this blog … for my book, Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World … on which I have been working for 12+ years.

So anyone out there who’s been at it for a while, take heart. I’ve written many other books since starting this one, which began as an entry into the 2004 3-Day Novel Contest. It didn’t win, but I received the most delightful rejection letter. I long ago committed the handwritten note to heart: “Stan made it pretty far into the process. Good dialogue. Good flow. Good job.”

Then life happened. And kept happening. And I’d take Stan out and dust him off. Write a few chapters. Think I was getting close to finished. Then more life. More shelving. More dusting. More writing. And it’s been that way for, well, more than a decade now. I’ve made progress, though. In the last year, I printed ARCs (advanced reader copies) and have had a few people read it. All the reviews have been uniformly positive – though some more constructive than others.

And then I had an idea for a new novel … which I wrote and submitted for the 2016 3-Day Novel Contest. Can anyone say ADD? At any rate, I continue to work on Stan. And since I’m bringing his blog to life with this challenge, I suppose I may as well get the damn book finished this year and ready for publication by Spring 2017.

Oh, yeah – and here’s the pitch:

18 months. 23 countries. 11 modes of transport. 28,432 miles. 1 dog.



Read the FIRST 5 Chapters of Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World.


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