• Tasman named it Anthoonij van Diemenslandt, after his sponsor, the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies.
  • The British shortened the name to Van Diemen’s Land. It was officially renamed Tasmania on January 1, 1856.
  • Until late in the 18th century only the south-east of Van Diemen’s Land was explored. It was not confirmed to be an island until 1798.
  • Tasmania is the world’s 26th largest island. The Tasmanian state includes 334 other islands as well.
  • The Tasmanian Devil, which is only found in Tasmania, is the largest carnivorous marsupial.


Freycinet National Park
Mountainous coastal national park
Protected peninsula of mountains and white sandy beaches with campsites and a visitors’ center.

Salamanca Market
Popular market for food & gifts
Busy Saturday market with vendors for food, produce, art, clothing & Tasmanian timber items.

Museum of Old and New Art
Playful subterranean museum of art
Mostly-underground art museum with a playful vibe & a wine bar on the Moorila Winery grounds.