Auckland, New Zealand

  • When it was determined by Dutch explorers that New Zealand was not attached to the South American continent, they changed its name from Staten Landt (South America) to Nova Zeelandia (New Zealand), after the Dutch province of Zeeland.
  • Wellington, New Zealand, is the southernmost national capital in the world at latitude 41.2° South. It also shares the honor of being the most remote capital with Canberra, Australia, over 1,243 miles (2000 km) away.
  • Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the official queen of New Zealand. She is represented in the country by a governor general.
  • New Zealand has seven times as many sheep and three times as many cows as people.


  • Sky Tower
    Panoramic city views & bungee jumping
    Landmark 60-story tower featuring panoramic views, bungee jumping & a high-end revolving restaurant.
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
    Museum home for army & regional history
    A fine neoclassical building & memorial containing a permanent collection & temporary exhibits.
  • Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium
    Underwater viewing & marine animals
    Aquatic life habitats are explored via glass viewing tunnels, displays & shows at this site.