Launching my travel novel – what better reason to see the world?

Launching my travel novel what better reason to see the world?


One of the coolest book events I ever encountered was by chance, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, where Carolyn Ahern, author of a children’s book series featuring Tino Turtle, was signing her book, Tino Turtle Travels to Paris, France. I described her signing in more detail on my Marcie Brock Book Marketing Maven blog. So when I think about a book launch for Stan, I’d like it to be in grand style of that sort.

I think I’m going to cheat a bit here and reference my previous blog post (on the same Marcie Brock blog) where I described my ideal book launch.

In spite of my big goal of signings in major U.S. cities with each of Stan’s primary means of travel: airports, train stations, and public piers, my first signing may be smallish. I’m thinking the Deer Valley Airport with dozens of my closest friends and local authors and artists. I recently encountered the amazing work of a local artist named Savannah Ashely – will definitely be reaching out to her regarding her globe art for the event.



  • The menu will likely be determined by the venue’s catering options.
  • Favors will include old maps, globe keychains, and vintage airline wings, of course.
  • My own Jack Russell terrier is no longer with us – but I’m on the lookout for the perfect stuffed version.
  • A slide show with real images from people in the places Stan visits sounds about right.
  • Oh – and I’ll read something. A passage I’ve rehearsed … a lot.

That previous post says to look for this launch event in early 2016. So … that didn’t happen. Certainly by May 2017 it will, or I’ll eat a page of my latest ARC!

I would also like to travel to a few of the calmer areas Stan visits to do signings in those countries, too. More than likely will put together a crowdfunding campaign to help in that arena. In the interim, I’m focused on putting together a six-city train tour of the West Coast for Summer 2017, starting in San Diego, then heading north through LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and ending in Vancouver. That will be a group author event, so if you are an author or know one who’d like to join us, please be sure to drop me a line at


Read the FIRST 5 Chapters of Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World.


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