Brick-and-mortar vs online – which is the better non-bookstore venue?

Brick-and-mortar vs online – which is the better non-bookstore venue?


The other day, my husband and I were astonished to see that a longtime map store is still in business in Phoenix. Maps – otherwise known as an origami-styled paper-folding craft, with big pictures of streets and lakes and mountain ranges painted on the paper. What with Waze being all the rage these days, even brand name GPS companies like Garmin are suffering. And yet I know someone who recently went and bought a paper map because she finds it easier to read than pulling out a magnifying glass to see all the details on a smartphone’s tiny screen.

Would a map store, such as the one referenced above, be willing to take a chance on a book about a guy who travels around the world? Maybe. I’ll definitely drop off a copy of Stan as soon as it’s ready to go. And make a list of the other map stores still standing – maybe approach them with a postcard campaign.

Art and investment banking also play big roles in the book, but those aren’t the kinds of things that lend themselves to storefronts. Stan does travel with his dog, though, so perhaps the right high-end indie pet shoppe would take an interest. Wheels are turning there, to be sure.


And, of course, I keep going back to online retailers – specialty shops in the international cities Stan visits. A glass blower in Sweden. A carpet maker in Turkey. Would they bite? I won’t know until I approach them. May have to find some translation partners before I email my pitch. It’s a wide world – and the Internet makes such connections possible.


Read the FIRST 5 Chapters of Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World.


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