Outfitted for marketing

Outfitted for Marketing

When one thinks of a costume, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of Halloween and masquerade. However, I know a few very good (non-book) marketers who regularly don specific outfits when they go out and greet the world because it instantly alerts people to who they are and what their business is.

Ever been to a networking meeting and seen a guy in workout clothes? He may have just been coming from the gym – or he might have been my personal trainer, Miles Beccia, of My longtime friend Dolly Kennedy is always dressed for a party, as she’s become a walking advertisement for her namesake, the Dolly Steamboat.

When it comes to book marketing, a costume – or uniform of sorts – could be an author’s best friend, particularly at a book festival, sale, or other signing event where the goal is to stand out and get attention.

As I’ve come closer to completing Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World, I’ve been amassing a growing collection of globes of all shapes and sizes. Among them are a wristwatch and a ring, which will, no doubt, be part of my Stan Travels Marketing Getup.


I also envisioned a vest with a map print of some sort – kind of like this:


But when I went to look for an image for that vest, this dress was the first one that came up under “map print vests.”


The Spanish word for dress is vestido. Maybe Google got confused? At any rate, with Miles’ help, I may one day be able to look that good in this dress.

In the meantime, this one is more my style – I actually ordered one while I was saving this image!


I’ve also thought about making a paper vest out of printed maps I’ve been collecting. That might be a fun marketing activity that gets beyond just the basic book signing event.

I’ll also have to hint around to my husband that these gorgeous globe earrings would make a lovely Christmas present!


Other map/globe accessories might include:

Map Shoes


Globe Cufflinks


Map Scarf – could double as a headband!


So while I doubt you’ll see me sporting this guy’s outfit anytime soon…


…there’s a good bet you will see me in some combination of the others at a signing event near you in 2017!


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